Who We Are

 Garden State Referral Agents

We are a licensed New Jersey real estate brokerage firm serving agents and broker-salespersons throughout the state of New Jersey. Most of our agents are referral agents who have chosen not to pursue real estate full-time but still want to keep their licenses active and continue to earn commissions through the referral of new clients or personal real estate purchases.

Referral agents can refer their buyer/seller leads to full time sales agents in full service agencies, not only in New Jersey, but anywhere across the country or world.

Members do not belong to any Board of Realtors or Multiple Listing Services (MLS), therefore, agents do not incur the costly fees associated with maintaining membership with these organizations. You pay only an annual fee to the referral agency and your license renewal fee to the State (every two years).

We would like to hear from you. Contact us by e-mail at: join@ReferralAgent.com

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