How to Join

 Garden State Referral Agents 


The following is needed for a licensee to join our company:

1. Membership Fee: $75 annual fee

2. Your NJ Real Estate License

If you are Transferring an active license: we will need your original license signed by your terminating broker and yourself. If your former broker has terminated your license through the online system, please tell us so. In that case, we do not need the license.




If your license expired in June 2009: We will need your "Reinstatement Application" because you currently do not have an active license to transfer and must reinstate the license first. Please include a check made payable to GSRA in the amount of $150 so we can renew your license. Use the link to download a pdf version of the form or a Microsoft Word version that is “fillable”. Please fill in your personal information on this form. We will help you get it notarized. Note: the NJ Real Estate Commission will hold an expired license for two years from the expiration date on the license. If it is not reinstated during this time your license is no longer able to be renewed without starting the entire licensing process from scratch. To re-obtain your license you will need to take a licensing course and pass the State Exam.




If you just passed the State Exam: We will need your Pass Notice and Fingerprinting confirmation with receipt attached. Please include a check made payable to GSRA in the amount of $175 so we can pay the fee for your new license. Your license will be good until June 2011.


Please mail these materials to:

Garden State Referral Agents
50 Harrison St #206
Hoboken, NJ 07030

If you have any questions or would like more information on our program please call 201-653-3335.

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